The Clinical Reporting Toolkit from DataCeutics - a SAS Macro tool library that formats and replicates your clinical study reports.

Components of the CR Toolkit™

  •  Macro library
  •  Standard call interface
  •  Windows and UNIX Platforms
  •  Fully documented validation package and user manual
  •  Training
  •  Ongoing support

Immediate Value:

  • Reduces amount of programmers’ lines of code (>50%).
  • Reduces variability providing for better consistency throughout your programming environment. 
  • Adds validation.

CR Toolkit Computer

Easy to modify for execution with systems such as EntimICE, and fully compatible with PhUSE and CDISC initiatives.

The toolkit is compatible with SDTM and ADaM data standards.

  •  Define-XML
  •  Analysis Data Reviewer’s Guide (ADRG)
  •  Study Data Reviews Guide (SDRG)

Additional Opportunities and Value:

  • Allows you to generate reports you need according to your company's requirements.
  • Assistance available from DataCeutics for one-off requirements.
  • Upgrades, maintenance, and testing of Clinical Reporting Toolkit managed by DataCeutics.
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How We Reduce and Simplify Your Lines of Code

No commitment required to see what percentage of your own reports can be reduced using DataCeutics' Clinical Reporting Macro ToolKit. 

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Clinical Reporting Macro Toolkit
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What do you need to get started?

  • Your company's standard reporting requirements
  • A copy of your report

... That's all! We reproduce your standard reports.